Monday, May 23, 2011




Last year we were told by a former member of the WARM Sensational 7 (actually he came after the 7) that Pete Gabriel had passed away. We are happy to report that the information was erroneous. Joe Middleton just spoke with “The Mighty Gabriel” hours ago and the big guy is alive and well in the Midwest. We are sorry for the error and apologize if we caused any concerns or trouble with the information that was not true. Our source was adamant and it was confirmed by another person. But I later found out that the second source got the information from the first source. So once more, sorry and long live Pete Gabriel.


Anonymous said...

I have to hurry with this e-mail before my PC melts. It gets pretty HOT DOWN HERE!
I'm still breathing in my 73rd year and really miss all of you in WARMland. Those were some of my favorite years in my 50 years in radio.
Love to all from Youngstown, Ohio

Pete "The Mighty Gabriel"

David Yonki said...

Thanks Pete for your gracious note. And I want to take this opportunity to personally apologize for the hick up here. We all loved you here with your great show as well as the many appearances you made with the WARM Softball Softies. Many, many more years of vital good health to you.

Anonymous said...

Pete, nothing but good memories of you here in WARMLAND. I loved how you would banter with Ron Allen!

Jesse Sherwood said...

I used to come and visit you when you were on the air afternoons at KUDL...I was working in St Joe, Missouri at the time at a Country station.....I was still working in the Kansas City market until just 5 years ago.

Great to catch you on here,

Jesse Sherwood