Sunday, January 15, 2012


PHOTO INDEX: Blog editor with the late Bob Crawford.


If you were a listener to WARM Radio in the 70s and were going out for a Sunday drive, chances are you’d hear a deep voice intone these words at the end of every newscast: “I’m Bob Crawford”.
Bob Crawford came to work at WARM as the Sunday news man. This was when radio stations actually took weekend news seriously and had news on the hour and half hour. Crawford went about his business in a no nonsense manner that belied the incredible sense of humor he had. Later Crawford did some public affairs programming and news for WMJW Radio. I was actually interviewed by Bob for a social service program that I was working for in 1980. (Thus the photo).
Bob was a school teacher in the Wilkes Barre area school district for many years. He was a popular teacher and adviser. Many people I’ve spoken to over the years remember “Mr. Crawford” for his long reach into their formative years as students. But just as many people who were WARM listeners remembered him as the weekend news guy on the Mighty 590. Bob passed away a few years back but he is still fondly regarded and is one of the mighty memories of WARM.


Rockin' Rich Nordheim said...

Great memories of one of the true gentlemen of not only radio but teaching too. Bob wore many hats and wore them well: Broadcaster; Educator; President of NAACP and even Mobile DJ. I had the pleasure to be associated with Bob in Radio and Mobile DJing. He was a great friend and miss him dearly
Hard to believe he's gone 14 years.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I was flooded with emotions the minute I saw that picture. Mr Crawford was one of my teachers in high school. He left a lasting impression on me because he instilled a "never give up" attitude. He was a smart and strong man who did what he believed in and expected you to do the same. Plus, that laugh would cause even the biggest "debbie downer" to smile. (P.S. he was actually a "dj" on WMJW. It was fabulous to hear WARM news Bob Crawford introduce a rock song. LOL)
He is sorely missed

Scott Cannon said...

Bob was my teacher and a great frient up until the end. We were in awe as teeneagers when he played us his interview with KISS on a reel to reel recorder!

Scott Cannon said...

I had him last period for history my senior year. If a student fell asleep in his class, he would encourage the class not to wake them up. The janitor would wake then after the school had cleared out. Many a football player got reemed out be Mickey Gorham for being late to football practice!