Monday, June 11, 2012


The fruits of labor from a WARMland garden.
Campbell's 1967 Tomato Plant Promotion.  



WARM Radio was the top station in the Northeastern Pennsylvania in the 60s and 70s because they knew how to cross promote. They also knew how to span generations. The older WWII generation of parents who liked their Frankie Laine, Sinatra and slower beat music? WARM populated their top 40 charts with those artists. Who of that generation would not like :Louie Armstrong or Dean Martin? WARM utilized its survey sheets to do promotions on the back side. In 1967 WARM promoted tomato plants of all things courtesy of that venerable iconic American company, Campbell's. WARM’s young listeners could either give the survey sheet to mom or dad, uncle or aunt or grandparents and look like a young considerate teenager. Even though that music on the MIGHTY 590 was oh so loud, at least because of the advertising, beautiful tomatoes would grow in the hot humid August nights in WARMland. WARM in those days took every opportunity, and that’s why the number one designation in ratings was no accident or fluke. Just the way they planned it.


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