Saturday, February 1, 2014



Every day I try to listen to the Mighty 590 and every day I have to give it up. The signal in Wilkes Barre is pretty bad but the memories of WARM still stay stronger than ever. Images abound from loyal fans who have kept pictures and keep sakes through the years. In December I got this communication from a WARM fan who works at the facility the current reincarnation of WARM is housed in. Due to three or four ownership changes there isn’t much left of WARM. But this reader found two photos of WARM Red and Blue News signs. Here’s his communication to me and the photos. 
Hi David: I have been a fan of your 590 Forever WARM Radio blog for the past year or so. I'm not directly connected to WARM, but I work in the same building for 97.9X and 97BHT. I am also a radio archivist with an interest in the history of "The Mighty 590". Sadly, there nothing of WARM's past at the radio station, except for a couple of signs from "The News Leader" era. I thought I'd share these images with you. The Best, Scott Lowe 

Thanks Scott and if anyone has any photos or images they would like to share, we’ll put them on on the 590 Forever site.

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