Monday, June 23, 2014



If you are tuning in to the Mighty 590, you will notice that the True Oldies Channel is no longer on the station. The TOC was really good but the drawback was that the only announcer you heard was Scott Shannon. And at times if you listened in the morning, you might hear the same voice track (albeit with a different song) at night. But the contract with True Oldies was set to expire and Cumulus Broadcasting went another way. 
Last Monday the station started to air Good Time Oldies. There are various announcers who engage the audience in topical events of the day. Plus you hear WARM jingles interspersed every few songs. 
The new format gives WARM a new and in my opinion a better identity. Tune in to WARM 590 with their Good Time Oldies. Like the old days, let the good times roll on the Mighty 590.


Dave Ratcliffe said...

From what what I've heard of Scott Shannon's show the switch to Good Time Oldies was a good move. Now if Cumulus would dump some cash into the physical plant to bring it back up to snuff....

Anonymous said...

David-- My parents were down here in NC and my Dad told me their signal is down again. A friend in the biz told me tonight the transmitter got hit by lightening and that's why they are off the air. Have you heard anything?

Canio Costanzo
Hickory NC