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This year marks the 75th anniversary of WARM Radio. Not to sound egotistical here but most likely this will be one of the few places that will note the start of this landmark radio station. In the next few 590 Mighty Memories we will give you the progression through newspaper artiles on how WARM Radio went on the air. We offer special thanks to our friend Joe Klapatch, Klapatch is an area video journalist and found the articles on WARM while researching a book of his own on the Carbondale Fire Department. The "History of the Carbondale PA Fire Department 1843-2015" can be purchased at the Carbondale Public Library, Lackawanna Historical Society in Scranton and the Library Express in the Steamtown Mall. The book is $22.00 and is very good.
Klaptach'sradio career began back in high school working at WARD. also at WILK, WARM (primarily sports work with Ron Allen and Pete Erickson), WEJL, and WBQW. He also worked at WNEP and WYOU in their news and sports departments. Joe was the person who got "all the scores" during the Joe Zone and after years. Joe also was the person who had the idea of the "Super 16" (it was based on a top 10 he did at WARD and was a lot of math back then). For the last 20 years, he has been a 911 dispatch supervisor and trainer at Lackawanna 911. He have also trained and worked on conferences for dispatchers on the local, state and national levels. 
He is currently researching the histories of all of Lackawanna County's fire companies. I just had my first book published on the"History of the Carbondale Fire Department 1843-2015". I am finalizing a book to hopefully be released later this year on the volunteer firemen of Scranton which covers a period from 1854-1901 and also takes the department to present day.
He's a busy guy and we than him for the contributions to this 590 Forever blog.

Klapatch’s book. (Photo: Joe Klapatch Facebook). 


The very first public announcement of a new radio station for Scranton came in an article in The Tribune on January 26th, 1940. Here is a copy of that article and underneath what the news piece reported about the new radio outlet. 



Given 90 Days to Begin Broadcasts, Memelo Heads Firm Scranton is to have another broadcasting station within 90 days The federal Communications Commission in Washington yesterday authorized the Union Broadcasting Company to establish a station in the city. Officers of the new company are Martin L. Memelo, President, James Scandale, Secretary, And Lou Poller Treasurer. Mr. Memelo and Mr. Scandale are residents of the city and Mr. Poller is a well known Jessup businessman.                                                                                                 

The company petitioned the Federal Communications Commission for a station last April. Under the Commission’s authorization the company must be ready to operate within the next three months. The station is to operate on a frequency of 1370 kilocycles with night power f 00 watts and day power of 250 watts. 


Attorney John Memelo, Council for the company said last night that surveys are to be undertaken immediately for a power transmitting station. Several tentative sites already have been elected he said. 
The company, it is understood will devote its time to commercial and civic broadcasts. 
 It was reported unofficially last night that the station will request the call letters W-A-R-M this symbolizing the region’s basic industry anthracite. 
Mr. Memelo said that an organization already has been perfected in anticipation of favorable ruling by the Commission. 
Shortly after the Union Broadcasting Company filed its request for a permit, another group of Scranton men incorporated under the name of Anthracite Broadcasters asked for a similar concession. Attorney Frank Butler is counsel for this company. No mention was made of this company in the Federal Communication Commission announcement yesterday.

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