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A great friend of mine,  Father Thomas Carten used to say the only thing that mattered in radio was what came out of that speaker. Carten was revolutionary in his right founding the RADIO HOME VISITOR, a reading service for the Visually Handicapped on WRKC FM Radio. After 41 years the program is still on the air.
WARM Radio, the mighty 590 brought you the hits, the news and contests. But it all stemmed from a radio board that is still working. Engineer Ron Schacht sent us three photos of the storied WARM brodcast board that legends sat behind and millions heard since it was installed in 1959.
Here it is: the RCA BC 3C 
Photos are by Ron Schacht
Ron still has the board and even set it up with a couple of turntables. He says it’s working just fine. He says that 2 years ago, one of the radio stations that he was working for at the time was celebrating their 80th birthday. He set up a studio in an empty storefront at a Mall and  used the WARM board, turntables, mikes, cart machines, etc. He set up a Marti shot back to the main studio. For the entire week, from 5am to 9pm, they ran from the mall studio playing carts, 45's and lp's using the WARM board. They were the top 40 station of the 50's through the 70's and they brought a lot of the old jocks back, one still works there full time. It was a lot of fun seeing records go round and round again and having the old tube gear on the air playing the music that that board played 50 years ago. 
Too bad the current WARM was not afforded that recognition on its 75th anniversary.

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