Sunday, June 26, 2016



Former WARM Radio personality Harry West of WARM Radio fame was toasted as friends and families turned out to wish him a fond farewell. West who has lived in this area most of his career, (dubbed by the station personalities as WARMland) is moving back to Pittsburgh with his family. Harry makes up a majority of 590 Mighty Memories on this blog site and you can bet there will be more. 
We are in the process of collecting other photos from our Facebook friends that came out to say hale and farewell to Harry. That will come in future editions of WARM Mighty Memories. But for now, here are two photos of today's event. Harry was quite surprised at The Grotto. 

Accompanied by his daughter Wendy and son Jeff (as well as other family members) Harry was a bit surprised to see the party was for him. 

Harry quickly got himself acclimated to his old friends and had quite the conversation with old co workers Clark Kuschke (center) and Joey Shaver (right). 
Here is a link to a times Leader story written by the Times Leader's Melanie Mizenko.

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