Saturday, February 4, 2017


WARM Radio started out as a radio station that was meant to attract teens. The first generation of WARM teens were no different than the teens that succeeded it in the late 60s and 70s.
WARM was a big proponent of advertising skin cleansers for its core audience knowing full well that the scourge of acne could inhibit many of its younger citizens.
Here are two ads from products of the era. PhisoHex which I used and was developed in hospitals. Phisohex, brand of hexachlorophene detergent cleanser, is an antibacterial sudsing emulsion for topical administration. Phisohex is indicated for use as a surgical scrub and a bacteriostatic skin cleanser. 
The next one was Tackle which my friends tell me was just as aggressive as its name. If you notice the ad below, an early 1960s ad directed the product toward men. But in the WARM survey ad, you saw both a boy and a girl with the assurance that girls could use it too.

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