Thursday, September 11, 2008



BOOK IT!!!!!

Going back to school in the mid 60s was as the Buckinghams sang "Kind Of A Drag". To ease the way, Carroll's fast food restaurant ran a promotion where if you walked into the eatery, you'd get a WARM book cover. The back of the cover had photos of the jocks who were part of WARM at the time. This was mid '60s according to my estimates. There was a Sensational 7 but on the cover there were only 6 photos. My only thought on this is this might have been a transition period for Joey Shaver who was hired from WBAX to be the all night announcer. Shaver later was flipped to the 7 to midnight slot and Bill Stuart was moved to the overnights. If anyone can illuminate a bit more on this, please post a comment.
The WARM bookcover promotion was a sure sign that summer was coming to an end. The only solace was that in lieu of a transistor radio plugged to your ear, you got to take "The WARM guys" in your bookbag to school.

Here are two "Back To School" videos from YOU TUBE: Timmie Rogers and Herman's Hermits.


Anonymous said...

Pushed for a guess, Dave, mine would be that the idea of The Sensational Seven had come and gone by the time the book covers were issued. If it hadn't come and gone, it was fading away.

A lot that folks remember as "forever things" at WARM were, in reality, not forever at all.

By 1966 WARM had become The Home of The Good Guys.

...then there was All-American WARM.

...The Station of The Stars.

...The Station That Reaches The Beaches.

...and likely the most popular of all, The Mighty 590, which even itself was not in the forever category.

By the 80s WARM had become "WARM-Where News Comes First." That one sat real well with the jocks, as you might imagine.

Once again, though, you astound me. Seven years of my life spent in the Warm Building and I never once saw or even heard of these book covers. Which really isn't that surprising. WARM was a promotions machine, non-stop, 24/7, never letting up, always promoting.

It's safe to say that there were a ton of things heavily promoted during my tenure at WARM that I've completely forgotten.

One I do remember was the infamous WARM Cookbook, an incarnation of which was mine. I do believe it was the final edition of the very popular bound collection of listeners favorite recipes. Somewhere, I still have a couple copies.

How about green bagels? WARM coffee mugs?

Modesty said...

Good post.