Saturday, September 20, 2008



Since there is really nothing in video form on the net about WARM, we acquired the knowledge and the tools to put a tribute video on YOU TUBE. It is incomplete because we could not get everyone ever involved with WARM in our production. But we hope you enjoy our tribute to WARM!


Kevin J. Jordan said...

WOW! Does that bring back great memories. Truly a great piece of production. Thanks, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Dave- great job, boy what a flashback, can hear the tunes coming out of my grandfathers' Atwater-Kent shortwave, yep the ol' reverb and base really blasted from that old girl on West Carey St in Plains!!! Keep up the good work, still looking for the old Pocono Drag Lodge spot!!!

Charlie Hulsizer (warm590)

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done. I did not know George and Ron personally, but as a former York Susquehanna-ite, I knew and respected them from reputation. Our condolences from York. I wish someone here had done this type of tribute for our guys, Ed Lincoln and Hal Raymond. Thank you so much for your efforts for WARM.