Friday, May 31, 2013


Pocono Drag Lodge Reunion banner featuring WARM. 


One of the basic audiences of WARM, the Mighty 590 in its heyday was  the car enthusiast. If you were fixing a hot rod in your dad’s garage, or going to the Pocono Drag Lodge for their summertime races, WARM was the station you listened to for details of the race and results. And if you were lucky enough to drive a car back then, your dial was set to 590! The last few summers, WARM has been a huge part of the Pocono Drag Lodge Reunions. We’ll be giving you more information on the 2013 event. 
 But to hold you over this weekend, WARM will be featuring car songs as part of the True Oldies Channel weekend feature. The weekend ends with Shannon's "Cruisin' America" show from 8pm yo 1am Sunday Night. Pop the top, rev the motor up or cool it down to an idle as you recall the best car hits of the great era of cars and rock and roll.

Scott Shannon of the True Oldies Channel heard on WARM, the Mighty 590.

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