Saturday, June 22, 2013


Joey Shaver with George Herbert Walker Bush. Former Kiwanis member Frank Procopio is behind Shaver. Shaver and Procopio flew down in Shaver’s aircraft. (Photo: The White House). 


One of the building blocks of being a WARM personality was involvement in community service. WARM jocks were expected to take part in community projects and promotions. That also included service clubs. Former WARM General Manager Phil Condron was involved in the Rotary Clubs for years. WARM’s Joey Shaver was a Past President and member of the Wilkes Barre Kiwanis is Club for years. 
In the mid 1980s, the Kiwanis Club visited Washington, D.C. to get an award from the Reagan White House for its Wheel Chair program. For years, if anyone needed a wheelchair, all they needed to do was contact the Wilkes Barre Kiwanis Club. 
On this particular occasion, Shaver and along with other Kiwanis members met with then Vice President George Bush. The trip was coordinated by Kiwanis member Rob Friedman through former Kingston resident Marc Holtzman who was a key player in the Reagan Bush political era. 
As we all know, Vice President Bush later became President and Joey Shaver got to meet him before he was the 41st Commander In Chief of this nation. And how great was that for Joey, meeting a President because Shaver’s birthday falls on February 22nd, the official birth date of our first President, George Washington.

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