Monday, September 13, 2010




When you listened to WARM in its heyday, you heard all about your friends and neighbors through The Public Service Bulletin Board. A personality may have been coming out of a record or into a commercial, whenever but you could count on hearing about a blood drive, church picnic or event happening in WARMland. Dubbed “P.S. B. B.,” at one point the feature even had its own jingle. Community groups knew that by having a blurb on WARM, then the number 1 station, the event broadcast would get good publicity. Around 1970 WARM dropped the jingle and in 1976 Elden Hale and WNEP TV co-opted Public Service Bulletin Board as Channel 16’s own. The late Tim Karlson who worked at WNEP TV in Sports and later Production told me he was surprised WARM never fought WNEP on taking the name. He also said when he had to cut a spot for it, he thought of WARM.
Currently WARM Radio continues the tradition of community service by having broadcasting “The WARM Community Calender”. At least three times an hour WARM runs announcements on events going on in the area. A tradition of “community” continues on WARM. Whether it was P.S.B.B. or the current programming, WARM keeps you updated on what’s happening in town.

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