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One of the places closely linked with WARM Radio was a fast food restaurant called “Stop ‘N Go”. Long before McDonald’s or Burger King came into the area, “Stop ‘N Go” was the place for 15 cent hamburgers and good crispy fries. “Stop ‘N Go” was one of the unofficial burger hangouts as well as a place where WARM listeners could get the weekly WARM survey sheet or even a copy of that now famous 45, “The Ballad of WARMland.” “Stop ‘N Go” eateries left the WARMland road map in the 70s with the addition of places like “Top Spot”, “Carroll’s” and the major chains. But in the memories of WARM listeners, “Stop “N Go” was the place to have a snack as you headed out to a game, date or cruise with the Mighty 590 tuned on the radio.
Brian Hughes, News Director of the current incarnation of WARM (the station airs Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel) wrote this note about Pal's Restaurants. "Don't forget about "Pals" among the fast food joints. They had 2 locations, at the top of Moosic Street in South Scranton, where Dunkin Donuts now stands, and at the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City, just down from the old "Barrells Whiskey & Rhyme".

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"Pals" hamburger joint also had a location in Clarks Summit. It was next to McDonalds and was converted to a long John Silver's. It was most recently a doughnut shop.