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WARM Day and its success gained a lot of state wide and local attention. At the end of 1965 it also got national attention with the Corporate Community. Here is a magazine article from an industry wide publication that featured WARM Day. Our thanks to Joe Middleton for providing this. 

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Earl Bailey said...

Warm Day 1965 was the most memorable day of my life! Fresh out of the Navy and without a job, my two brothers,Andy Paul Guidas and I got there at 9 in the morning and didn't leave until 10 that night.After being thrown out of the Penny Arcade three times we finally lost interest and just gave up trying to get back in. Watching the Sensational Seven play the Beau Brummels in softball was entertaining but not as much as Andy Paul getting hit in the forehead with a line drive. I still laugh at them asking him "how many fingers" Naturally he tells them eleven. We were standing atop a picnic table to the left of the stage for the Four Season's performance that evening, until it collapsed and sent us flying.We tried our best to offer a ride home to three girls that also suffered the fall, but they were part of a bus trip from New York. Not too smart of us.Can't remember how far we had to walk back to my 59 Rambler but it was substantial. That day was a day you never forget!