Sunday, July 22, 2012


Not only ladies but WARMland listeners love the '50s. And the True Oldies Channel. 


If you are still a regular listener of WARM the Mighty 590, you’ll most likely hear Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel. Some of the features during the day are quite entertaining like “The Forgotten Oldie”. The songs are not the same 400 oldies you get on other oldies format stations. But on the weekends, especially Sunday night the True Oldies Channel transports WARM diehards back to the music that started it all. We know that WARM became the Mighty 590 in the summer of 1958 playing the old time rock and roll. Scott Shannon recreates that every Sunday Night from 8pm until 1am with his Cruising America Show. As a WARM devotee, we urge you to block some time out on Sunday night and cruise back to the good old days from 8pm to 1am on the Mighty 590 once again. Thanks to the True Oldies Channel for taking us back there one more time.