Sunday, March 31, 2013


The top 40. 


As I listen to the “True Oldies Channel” on WARM, I appreciate that format more and more every day. Think of all the big top 40 powerhouses that dominated the early days of Rock and Roll. Stations like CKLW in Windsor/Detroit, WLS and WCFL in Chicago, WFIL and WIBG in Philadelphia, WKBW in Buffalo, WMEX in Boston as well as the biggie, WABC in New York City. All of those stations rock and roll heritages are gone. All of them have become Sports Talk or News Talk Stations. Some have gone the religious routes and others are dark. But because of the ownership decisions of Citadel Broadcasting and now Cumulus Broadcasting, plus the dedicated staff, WARM, the Mighty 590 still plays rock and roll music. The songs of the Top 40, for so long dominant in those 50,000 watt powerhouses are but a memory for those listeners in those cities. But here in WARMland, the Top plays on in the form of “True Oldies”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.