Sunday, February 14, 2010




Bob Oliver started out at WARM Radio as a newscaster. I remember vividly Oliver reporting the death of former President Herbert Hoover in one of his 1964 newscasts. Oliver also worked the 3 to 11pm, news shift and covered the JFK assassination as well as that historic 1964 Democratic convention where Governor Scranton took center state as an insurgent candidate against Barry Goldwater. But Oliver is best known as the voice for the Gertrude Hawk commercials that ran on all media in the 60s and 70s. Oliver's smooth style and rich voice was the perfect fit for the rich chocolates emanating from the Dunmore kitchens of the local candy company. "FROM THE KITCHENS OF GERTRUDE HAWK FOR CANDY LOVERS EVERYWHERE" was the tag line and Oliver delivered it with style and verve. As the current incarnation of WARM Radio plays love songs via the True Oldies Channel, this current weekend WARM fans think of Oliver's candy commercials as well as his work as a newsman and then drive time disc jockey at the MIGHTY 590. WARM always led the way with Valentine's Day promotions using merchants like Mount Airey, Van Scoy Diamond Mines, Gertrude Hawk, Aldino's Restaurant, the Castle Restaurant in Scranton, Genetti's, the Treadway then the Woodlands and various flower shops to give away gifts for the lovers of WARMland. In return, those listeners loved the MIGHTY 590 right back. A few love songs from the heyday of WARM.

A small sample of the thousands of love songs played on the Mighty 590.


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