Thursday, May 17, 2012


WARM back on.


WARM Radio seems to be back on the air after a few days of not being there. The new owners, Cumulus Broadcasting seem to be paying less attention to the frequency since they canned Phil Gallaso, a superb engineer who kept the station percolating. WARM's transmitter has always been a bone of contention in recent years. After a few days of static, it was good news to have WARM back on the air with the True Oldies Channel.


Anonymous said...

who cares? sad, but WARM is dead. Actually AM radio is dead. WILK and ESPN could pull their AM signals and their numbers wouldn't change.

Anonymous said...

Nobody listens to AM because of the quality. I listen to WZMF 730 where i live on the soutwest corner of Luzerne county beacuse i can't get the FM side at 104.5 or 95.3. The AM has great quality. I think if someone took radio back to the way it use to be when it was fun like the old days of WFIL in Philly, WCFL and WLS in Chicago, WABC new york and WARM it might stand a chance and people might just listen. But once again you have to have corporate america with thier hands in the soup. The days of good jocks who don't just read liners and good quality audio are gone. Maintaing a signal and ground system are important too. Look at WABC 77 in New York. They use to cover as far west as Chicago at night and central pa in the daytime. Now you can't hear them at 50,000 watts into western New Jersey. AM can still be saved. Jim