Thursday, May 23, 2013


Frank Sinatra.  (Capitol Records) 


Like many radio stations across America, WARM has had a constant relationship with Frank Sinatra. I bring this up because it is 15 years ago this month that the Chairman of the board passed away. Sinatra was a mainstay on WARM Radio as a music entity when it started in 1940. If a radio station wasn’t playing Sinatra, it was on a shortwave frequency. When WARM changed over to a rock and roll format in 1958, you would think that WARM would never play Sinatra again. But the programmers at WARM knew Sinatra would always have a place. During the 60s, Sinatra was on the WARM Top 40 charts with “Summer Wind”, “Strangers In the Night” as well as his last number one hit on the WARM charts “Something Stupid” sung with his daughter Nancy. 
WARM survey with Frank and Nancy Sinatra at the top of the charts in 1967.

During the 90s, when Sinatra’s “Duets” albums came out, both Ron Allen and George Gilbert premiered them on their short lived radio program which ran between 1 to 3pm. After WARM exhausted its talk format, Sinatra returned with Sid Marks syndicated program first heard on Saturdays and then on Sundays. While WARM no longer runs the program, many people have fond memories of it. And that is true for the music of Sinatra which has been part of WARM, and the Mighty 590 through the years. 

Fifteen years after his death, Sinatra’s link with WARM and other radio stations across America is still part of the soundtrack of many lives.

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