Sunday, August 11, 2013


The iconic Grandstand seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the last 50 years at Pocono Drag Lodge.
(All photos by Mrs. 590 Forever).
At the Trophy Table yesterday at the Pocono Drag Lodge/WARM Reunion.
Man how I loved those old Chevrolets. If I ever win the PowerBall.........
The anniversary cake for the golden anniversary of Pocono Drag Lodge. 


The Pocono Drag Lodge celebrated its 50th anniversary this weekend. The Drag Lodge was a large part of pop culture in the 60s and 70s for music fans and motor heads alike. Just minutes from Wilkes Barre, the Drag Lodge was a meeting place for teenagers and car enthusiasts who loved the sounds of rubber on the road and the Mighty 590 on the radio. 
This weekend’s event which featured many great looking cars as well as great music and memories was well attended on a beautiful sunny day. I finally took organizer Charlie Hulsizer up on his invitation and toured the grounds and met many old friends who enjoyed the memories of WARM Radio as well as those great motor cars of yesterday. 
WARM Radio was the station back in the day that promoted the races, gave updates on race weekends and actually told you who won on any given night. It was a great event and we hope that Pocono Drag Lodge reunions last another fifty years. 
Onward my friends…onward!!!

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