Sunday, September 28, 2014



Harry West with 590 Forever blog editor. 
If former WARM listeners are wondering what has become of Harry West, well I am proud to report that Harry has been on the move and enjoying life in retirement. 
Harry and I met up at a fundraiser recently for the Osterhout Library last month. Mrs. 590 Forever and I were seated at a table and a few people sat down at the other end. There was laughter and banter at the other end and to me there was something vaguely familiar about it. Then I heard the voice. It was none other than Harry West. I waited a while until he finished his story and then approached him. He started kidding around and  put his head in his hands as if to ignore me. Then he smiled and wisecracked “What happened to your hair?” 
We then recounted stories about his WARM days as well as hearing updates on his children. Harry also gave us an update on his health. Doing well staying in shape, getting out and still driving. Harry remains active and gives a shout out to all the WARM listeners who remember the old days of The Mighty 590.

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