Wednesday, November 11, 2015



The WARM Softball Softies were a mainstay in the summer of many WARMlanders lives. The station’s softball team played games for various charities and did a lot of good work for the community. The team was buttressed by WARM staff but also friends of WARM who lent their athletic talents to the 590 Nine. One of them was “Fast Eddie”, Ed Egan. Egan always had a great sense of humor and from what I told could hit in the clutch. His friend Bobby Day posted the news on Facebook as well as this message from his brother. 
Sorry to relate to everyone that my brother Eddie joined a new team in heaven. My first "Best Friend". Thank you St. Jude for helping him the past week. Thank you also to everyone out there for your prayers. It will be a couple of difficult days ahead, but he will suffer no more. Thank you God for taking him with you. He loves singing the lead, and his comedy and wit are priceless. 
Below is a photo of the Softies with Ed Egan on the far right, front row. Always the front row for Eddie! 
 The WARM Softball Softies with "The King" Eddie Feigner in 1986. Front row, Mr.B , The King, Eddie Egan, 2nd Row, Jim Egan, Diane Wasta, El Rod Tannerhill, Standing Row, Wyoming County Commissioner Ron Williams, Bobby Day, Penn State Pete Ericson, Clark Kushkie and Emerson the Maintainace Man. (Photo: Bobby Day).

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