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In case you are wondering what exactly a Lt. Governor in Pennsylvania does, well he or she presides over the Senate in Harrisburg. The second in command might also stand in at ceremonial events across the stte when the Governor might not be available.
If it is a campaign year, the #2 guy is oiut on the hustings where there are potential voters. So on St. Patrivk's Day 1974, Ernest Kline then Governor Shapp's Lieutenant was presented with a 15 pound green bagel in front of the big WARM vehicle that was a show stopper in the parade.
The photo is kind of fuzzy but one we wanted to include.

Former Lt. Governor Mark Singel had this to say about Kline, "As lieutenant governors go, he was one of the best. Gov. Milton Shapp entrusted some of the key issues of the day to him. 
When the Arab oil embargo threatened our economic stability, Shapp's Lt. Governor initiated the Governor's Energy Council and set the tone for one of the most progressive agencies of its type in the nation. Lt. Gov. Kline was the first to assume control of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and establish the precedent for the second in command to step into the breach anytime there was a life-threatening occurrence in the Commonwealth. Kline also utilized his leadership skills and strong connections to labor and other constituencies to handle a potentially explosive truckers strike early in his term of office. 

Kline was Pennsylvania's 25th Lieutenant Governor and lost a bid in the 1978 Democratic primary to be the nominee in the '78 election. 

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