Monday, January 27, 2020



Tobin Matthew was an early rock and roll singer and who began my career in Chicago in 1957. He grew up in Calumet City, Ill. until the age of 21. His real name was Willy Henson. He got his start when Bob and Dick Poppel and Erma J. Nelson, all from Poppels Under 21 Tropicana Club in Riverdale, Ill., set him up with his  first band, The Rhythm Rockers.
The next band was Jimmy and the Jeepers later changed to Willy and the Jeepers He worked with a lot of the Chicago DJs, Jim Lounsbury, Jan Gabriel, Dell Clark, Howard Miller, Pappy John and many others. He recorded for USA, Columbia and Warner Bros. records from 1960 to 1966. 
His daughters Holly and Carrie, grandsons Ty, and Cam, granddaughter Payge.and brothers, George and Tim, and sister, Marcia. enjoy listening to his oldies record collection. With the help of his daughter Hollie, he started documenting his early music career on a blog. Here’s that link:
Tobin Mathew was one of those rock and roll talents of the early 60s that tried their hand at hitting the top ten. The fact they didn’t certainly doesn’t diminish their talent and skill. Tobin Matthews passed away recently. He will never get to the Rock nd Roll Hall of Fame but surely is remember by his fans for his musical efforts. A song that might have registered on WARM The Mighty 590 was this blast from 1962, “Susan”.

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