Monday, January 3, 2011




One of the most sought after WARM collectible was the WARM COFFEE MUG. WARM gave them away sparingly at first, afraid that they’d run out of them. But cooler heads prevailed in management and at one point in the 90s the WARM coffee mug became the most ubiquitous office accessory in WARMland. At first the station gave away the mug with a tin of Folgers coffee. Then they became prizes at event. Finally at trade shows the WARM mug went corporate as a gift to business leaders and followers for that matter. Through the years, the once coveted WARM mug has been on sale at yard sales and even once there was a rumor it was on E Bay. (I looked, couldn’t find it). The WARM mug stands as a testament to what a little promotion will do in radio. Oldsters drank their coffee, kids drank their hot chocolate and Lord knows how many dates, harassment suits, hiring, firings, promotions, corrective actions and staff meetings went on accompanied by the venerable WARM mug. Long gone, but kept by a few pack rats in WARMland, the WARM coffee cup is another WARM memory.
This song by Frank Sinatra says it all about coffee, and Sid Marks weekly Sinatra program is heard Sundays at 10AM on the current reincarnation of the Mighty 590.