Friday, April 21, 2017



This guy, Harry West knew vinyl when he saw it! 
WILK's Sue Henry, the unofficial  co promoter of Record Store Day (along with Mike Evans) poses with some platters. (Sue Henry Facebook page)
WARM Radio was built on vinyl. Those 45 records catapulted WARM to Market Leadership in the 50s, 60s and 70s. When you listened to WARM, you heard vinyl. When you went to a hop or a dance or a remote, you got vinyl. 
What better day to remember The Mighty 590 with two of their forays in vinyl. First there was the Ballad of WARMland. 

Then there was the album of WARM hits. 
I'm telling you this because  Saturday is RECORD STORE DAY. 
Saturday morning from 9am until noon, former Rock 107 jock Mike Evans will be doing doing a VINTAGE VINYL take-over show on Marywood's VM-FM 91-7. Normally, he spins stuff burned onto CD from vinyl. But Saturday, he's firing up the decks and bringing in the records. All original pressings -- on the radio.
I used to go to Record Stores to get my WARM survey sheets. McCroy's had a Record Department, Kresge in Pittston, Record shops on the Square  as well as Richie's Record Rack in Pittston. 
Then there was Wayne's in Edwardsville where you could get a 10 pack of 45s for a buck along with a WFIL or WIBG survey sheet.

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