Saturday, June 16, 2018



This is a very interesting ad from June 25th, 1958. WSCR was the Top 40 Radio station that was competing against the "New WARM". The guys on the top of the ad, Terry McNulty and Ron Allen later went to WARM Radio. McNulty was the first News Director of WARM Radio and became the prime newscaster taking over fo Harry West who moved to the Morning Show. 
Ron Allen manned the 3 to 6pm shift for years until moving into sports. 
The man in the middle was ed Hughes who stayed at WSCR until 1969 when he was named Mayor Gene Peters Communications Director. Hughes ran for Mayor in 1977 but was defeated in the primary by Reverend Vernon Searfoss. Hughes also served as treasurer of the Professional News Media Association of NEPA. 
One of the interesting segments of this ad is the inclusion of a program aired Monday nights featuring Skitch Henderson. Henderson was the Conductor of the Scranton Philharmonic and later became the band leader for The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson took it over in 1962.  
The hybrid programming though on WSCR is telling. Top 40, personalities most of the time but THEN a shift in gears to Classical programming. Now I'm sure this was a business and advertising decision but in the early days of the New WARM, this wouyld never happen. 
WARM built its success on being consistent an redundant in that consistency. No deviation from  message and format, plus the picking off of key WSCR staff made WARM number 1 in a hurry. They sayed that way for years ever after.