Saturday, March 14, 2015



WARM Radio always had a very close promotional relationship with the festivities surrounding St. Patrick's Day. During the course of the broadcast day on March 17th, WARM actually played Irish favorites. One performer you always heard on WARM was Carmel Quinn. In the 60s the now famous Scranton St. Patrick's Day Parade was just getting its start. WARM did a lot to promote it. During the early 70s WARM former a partnership with Lender's Bagels. Lenders made green bagels for the Mighty 590 to hand out at the parade and remotes. The station even sent Bill Kelly who was doing an air shift at the time to Harrisburg to show off a giant Lenders Green bagel to the number 2 official in the state at the time, Lt. Governor Ernest Kline. It proved to be a "Win Win" for the bagel company, WARM Radio and even Ernie Kline, an old broadcaster himself turned politician even seemed to enjoy the press event. 

The late Ernest Kline, Pennsylvania's 25th Lieutenant Governor, the iconic Lender giant green bagel and WARM personality Bill Kelly in Irish headgear. 

This St. Patrick's Day another WARM on air person had quite an honor. Former Mayor of Scranton Jim McNulty and also the host of "The Mayor of WARMland Show in the 90s is seen here interviewing WARM's Harry West in one of the live remotes he did. 
 Evie Refalko McNulty, Ian Murry and the former Mayor at the parade. In front is Sister Adrian Barrett who was also a familiar voice to WARM Radio listeners because of her charitable endeavors. . 
 The iconic WARM Lenders Green Bagel. 

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