Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Those four words were said with so much authority back in the glory days of WARM Radio. They came from the voice of Ray Toro, aka Ray Magwyre. Magwyre’s voice and presentation was impeccable in its clarity and sound. The ultimate compliment any radio guy could get is this, “He has a great set of pipes”. Ray Magwyre did. 
Magwyre was the anchor of the afternoon newscasts on The Mighty 590. Working with News Director Jerry Heller, Ray was one of the most recognizable voices in local radio. I remember him wearing black horn rim glasses and always, perfectly using the right phrases that painted a picture for the listener. Magwyre also was a great reporter being on the scene for many stories of consequence during the heyday of WARM Radio. 
I had the pleasure of knowing Ray and working with him at WARM Radio when I was a student at King's College.  He was a true professional broadcaster. In addition to being a newsman he was quite the athlete playing for the Warm Softball softies as well as the Double Dribblers basketball team. His post game reports and promotions under the name of Coward Hosell brought a smile to many faces in WARMland. 
His real name was Ray Toro and he also worked later on at WEJL Radio. Magwyre, a native of the area has been regarded as one of the cornerstones of those great WARM News teams. Back in that era, TV and newspapers regularly monitored WARM to get the top stories and scoops. Magwyre contributed to many of them. 
L-R....Late Tim Karlson, Bobby Day, Paul Ciliberto, Ray Toro, Mr. B, R.J. Harkins. (Photo: Bobby Day Facebook). 

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